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Indicus Netlabs is a new age company that spans media, academia and IT. We take pride in being ahead of the curve in most of our activities. Indicus Netlabs was among the first to figure out the key problems holding back the growth of the internet and e-commerce in India. And we continue to be among the very few who are working at the cutting edge to find efficient and economical solutions.

Out IT, business and content teams are extremely well integrated and work hand in hand taking advice from each other when available, closely working with experts both within and outside India, and for this very reason we take pride in working with a wide cross section of indian and global partners.

Some of our past achievements include automatic conversion of more than 500 fonts in Hindi into a single font, automatic clustering and categorization of Devanaagari or Hindi content, etc. We are currently working on many other issues related to both natural language and technology, that we believe are critical for the internet to truly become universally accessible in India.


Raftaar_serach Raftaar.in (रफ़्तार.भारत)

The most comprehensive infotainment portal in Hindi, providing highly meaningful and enriching content to its users in the three critical aspects of their daily life – knowledge, entertainment and lifestyle.

shabdkosh Shabdkosh App

A comprehensive online Hindi-English-Hindi dictionary and thesaurus that provides word meanings, usage examples, related words and idioms and phrases in both English and Hindi.

Kundl Astro App

A top quality astrology app that provides horoscope and kaalchakra forecasts and daily alerts.

ekalam_logo Ekalam

A fully integrated authoring tool for Hindi that enables conversion from various fonts, both Unicode and non-Unicode, and inbuilt Hindi spell check, dictionary and thesaurus.


  • Innovative phonetic based typing tool in Devnaagari
  • Auto suggest and Auto transliteration
  • Hindi character morphology
  • On the fly font conversion (Unicode- ASCII-Unicode)
  • Crawling, Indexing and Clustering Hindi content
  • Use of best in practice search technologies and tools like NPL, Fuzzy logic, n-gram
  • BerkelyDB, Hadoop, Heritrix, Nutch, SDMXML, Joomla, Redis, MongoDb, JSON, MoSync, WAP, Columnar databases, Pentaho, JasperReports, R-Project, etc.